Why Weekend Getaways Beat Annual Holidays

Are you feeling like you need to escape winter? Getaway from the everyday? Have something to look forward to?

You’re not alone. At this time of year, us southerners are bemoaning the frosty mornings, the short days and are dreaming of a long, warm holiday to some exotic destination.

So we thought we’d give you some good news. A change of scenery and a quick weekend getaway can do wonders for the soul and provide many benefits over the annual holiday.

A weekend getaway will keep on giving as there is:

  1. much less planning needed – just hop in the car or on a train and in a few hours your there
  2. less packing – no need to layout your clothes in advance, find your travel padlocks or arrange international currency
  3. less time on a plane or in a car – you spend less time in transit and more time relaxing at your accommodation, dining on fresh produce, sampling the local brews (and you can feel good about minimising your impact on the environment)
  4. more cash in your pocket to plan more weekend getaways to Beechworth!

Of course we are biased, but Beechworth is a fabulous destination for a roadtrip to the countryside.

If you need a little more convincing…..here are some incentives:

  1. Beechworth has accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes. At 1860 we cater for couples only. Our property is stylish-rustic (if there is such a thing) with an open fire and wood supplied. Beechworth also has family accommodation, heritage B&B’s and 5-star properties.
  2. Eating and drinking in Beechworth won’t disappoint. Try The Provenance, The Ox & Hound Bistro, The Empire Hotel, The Press Room, Bridge Road Brewers and the Beechworth Bakery . The cafes and restaurants around Beechworth serve excellent, fresh, inventive food and the Beechworth winemakers produce varietals that are cool climate, refined and of exceptional quality.The Cellar Door Wine Store (not only great for wine), Project 49 and The Collective serve excellent barista made espresso, house-made cakes and  tasty lunches under the wide Beechworth verandahs, perfect for soaking up some winter sunshine.
  3. The Beechworth Historic Park meanders through the the Beechworth Gorge, which has beautiful smooth rocks, water holes and views across the beautiful countryside. A popular walk of around 6km, the Gorge walk starts and ends in Beechworth with great cafes at either end.So if you need to recharge, getaway for a few days, reconnect and get amongst pristine nature….we think a roadtrip to Beechworth is just what the doctor ordered! Happy Winter.