Reviews in the media

“First we have to take our jaws off the polished jarrah floor because the attention to detail makes 1860 gobsmackingly beautiful and a prime example of environmentally sustainable building. You walk in to see a huge old Blacksmith’s bellows, polished and recruited for use as a coffee table. This leads the eye to the slab-and-mortar walls and reclaimed bluegum dining table. Matt & Gina explain that the phrase ’embodied energy’ loomed large during the reconstruction of 1860… slabs, floorboards, ceiling pine, corrugated iron and even bark were sourced from old stables, warehouses. pubs and farms around the north-east.”  The Age Newspaper October 2008 By David Scott

“The place is understated elegance and a seamless blend of old and new; it is both rustic and sophisticated, storied and full of modern conveniences.”  Travel & Leisure Magazine May 2008 By Paul Chai

“Walking through the door of 1860 reveals a beguiling combination of the old and new. Put in this way: every cattleman’s hut should come complete with a plasma screen television, a DVD player, a deep & wide two-person bath and a fully appointed kitchen. The hosts pride themselves on giving their guests some privacy, so everything you might need is available in the hut. So between the stand-alone nature of the accommodation and the tranquil nature of the block it occupies, it’s easy to feel like your the only person on Earth….”  Essentials Magazine, Autumn 2008

Blissed out in Beechworth, 
by Kim Wildman.

1860 is an authentic timber cattlemen’s hut which was originally located near Taggerty some 200 kilometres away. Over four long years it was lovingly restored and relocated piece by piece to its new home overlooking Spring Creek. While its exterior is characteristically rustic, it’s all simple luxury within. There’s even an open fire, double bath, leather lounge, king-sized bed and full kitchen.   Click here to read the full article.

“On a recent visit to Beechworth, I came across charming young couple Gina Bladon and Matt Pfahlert, who have a terrific Mayle/Mayes – like story to tell about falling in love with an unusual old slab hut – and the process of moving and restoring it…”
  Herald Sun, October 7th, 2007
By Sheridan Rogers  Click here to read full article.

After a tedious three-hour drive to Beechworth, confined mostly to the Hume Highway, the thought of winding down and spending a few days in a timber hut does little to conjure up an image of great comfort and style. Even a friend baulked, saying a hut built in 1860 hardly sounds like luxury accommodation.
But first impressions are rarely accurate…
 Handmade Heaven – Saturday Age Traveller, 
March 26, 2011  Click here to read full article.

“Beechworth’s newest accommodation option is also its most surprising….Looking like a Man from Snowy River set from the outside, it’s all simple luxury within”  The Age Newspaper, September 15, 2007
By Andrew Bain  
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