Celebrating 10 years of luxury accommodation

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Celebrating 10 years of luxury accommodation

In 2007, 1860 as we know it today, opened as luxury accommodation. We are celebrating 10 years of hard work, creativity and absolute joy in making a space that thousands of guests have enjoyed. We’ve had many anniversaries, engagements, weddings, honeymoons, babymoons and birthdays celebrated at 1860. We hope that Beechworth and 1860 holds a special place in the memory of many.

However its beginning were humble. Originally built as rough slab hut in Emerald near Melbourne in the 1860’s, it was called Rotherwood. It was moved to Taggery, we think in the late 70’s and then onto Beechworth, when we bought the building in 2004. It sat in numbered pieces in our backyard as we spent 4 years deconstructing many old buildings for recycled roofing iron, upright posts and hardwood flooring.

Here are some photos of the journey…..thanks to all our wonderful guests for making the past 10 years an absolute pleasure. We’ve loved having you and sharing 1860.

If you love historic Australian huts check 0ut www.historichuts.org.au

Before restoration, Emerald Victoria.

1860 in Taggerty, after being moved from Emerald.

1860 under construction in Beechworth

1860 Luxury Accommodation, restored.


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